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Buy Natural Hazel Contact Lenses Online

Looking for a pair of non-prescription hazel contact lenses to make your eyes pop? Naturally occurring in just 5% of the global population and sometimes, at a glance, mistaken for brown or green eyes, hazel eyes are one of the rarest yet most desirable eye colors. Made popular by celebrities including Amber Rose, Kangana Ranaut, and Nina Dobrev, it's easy to see why natural hazel contacts are counted among our all-time bestselling natural contact lens designs.

Featuring light yellowish-brown undertones with hints of gold, green and brown, our stunning FDA approved hazel contacts have been painstakingly designed to accurately simulate the appearance of natural hazel eyes. Our hazel contacts also have varying tone counts and limbal ring depths which means there's a design to suit every possible scenario, whether you're after subtle hints of hazel, a full-color switch, or something big and bold.

Multi-tone hazel colored contact lenses - Available as one, two, and 3 tone hazel blends, our heavily hydrated, durable and FDA approved multi-tone lenses are among the most natural-looking hazel contacts we stock. The one and two-tone options provide subtle yet gorgeous hazel eye transformations. Meanwhile, the three-tone option has a much thicker limbal ring and provides up to three times more coverage which makes them our best pair of hazel contact lenses for dark eyes.

Semi-natural hazel contact lenses - Printed on the same lenses as our multi-tone designs, our semi-natural range includes our bestselling dolly eye hazel contacts which have a thick limbal ring and enhanced detailing to create the appearance of a much larger doll-like eye. Other popular semi-natural options include our Pretty Hazel, Glimmer Hazel, and Glamour Hazel designs.