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Fake Wounds & Fake Cuts For Halloween

Looking for movie-quality fake cuts for Halloween? Make this October 31 your bloodiest yet with our incredible range of hyper-realistic fake cuts, puncture wounds, bites, fractures, burns, and blisters. Designed to accurately simulate real-life human injuries, they provide a quick and easy alternative to homemade liquid latex or wax-based creations that require time and skill to perfect.

At Crazy Lenses, we stock in excess of 200 hyper-realistic fake injuries and injury makeup kits from renowned SFX brands like Tinsley Transfers, Woochie, and Rubies. So, whether looking to bring your makeup to life with some 3D rotting zombie flesh, vampire bite wounds, stitched lacerations, or even exposed bones, you will be spoiled for choice.

Peel And Stick Fake Cuts

Our Peel and stick fake cuts, such as those manufactured by Tinsley Transfers, are self-adhesive and therefore don’t require any additional glues or adhesives. Mostly latex-free, they are the quickest and easiest solution for beginners looking to achieve a professional finish in seconds. Simply peel, stick where required, add blood, and you’re good to go.

Ready-Made Latex Injuries

Imitation Latex injuries, such as those manufactured by Woochie and Rubies, come in both pre-painted and unpainted forms. Adhered to the skin using some form of skin-safe adhesive or spirit gum, they blend with the contours of natural skin more seamlessly which makes them appear more realistic. Latex wounds are often also available in larger, more complex forms than self-adhesive injuries.