i-Glow Red UV Contact Lenses (Pair)

i-Glow Red UV Contact Lenses (Pair)

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Featuring a vibrant red design that glows when exposed to UV/blacklight, our I-Glow red UV contact lenses are great for portraying the evilsome red glowing eyes of movie characters like Wanda Maximoff AKA Scarlet Witch who is depicted with red glowing eyes while using her supernatural abilities in Marvel’s Age of Ultron. Other obvious applications are as the eyes of Superman from DC Comics who’s eyes glow red both with anger and when he’s preparing to fire his heat vision, or Brandon Breyer, who has very similar red glowing eyes in the 2019 Superman-inspired anti-hero horror, Brightburn.

Silver screen superheroes aside, there’s a never-ending list of anime characters that are depicted with red glowing eyes. For example, Wicked Witch Of The West from the Japanese TV adaption of four of L. Frank Baum’s Oz books, whose eye glow red when casting magic. For more mainstream use, these I-Glow red UV contacts are great as devil, demon, and vampire eyes, or for simply adding a touch of flamboyance on nights out.

Manufactured as soft lenses with a 38% water content for maximum comfort and durability, the red UV design is printed using the highest-quality FDA approved dye. Like all other designs in our range, they provide great coverage over both light and dark eyes, can be safely worn for up to 8 consecutive hours and boast a 90 day life-span.

Comfort & Durability

Quality Guarantee

Upto 12 Month Life-Span

Made In The UK

Safe & Sterile

Word's No1 Brand

More Information
Power0.00 (Plano)
BrandEye Fusion
Contents2x Kontaktlinsen (1 Paar)
Material38% Wasser und 62% Polymacon
Base Curve8.6

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